Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm to happy to report that Wander has now has their cassette release (in our attempt to release every format once). It's released by Throne Heap in the USA in an edition of 40 copies, in a nice silk-screened cover. It's a c20 - for those no longer in the know: that is ten minutes of music per side. Freek and I worked each on a side. Go figure who did which.
Also released is a double CDR called 'Cassette Culture Compilation 1 & 2'. Compiled by Hal McGee (also known as Mental Anguish of whom I released a cassette in 1989), it has old dudes like yours truly but new music. I have a Freiband track on there, which I was to release myself: a remix of Antenne's 'Black Eyed Dog', which of course sounds entirely different than the original, the uber-original or the Beequeen version, just the vocals are the same.
I hate to complain or be negative, but I have to unleash some grief about a label called Tantric Harmonies. They wanted to re-release Beequeen's Der Holzweg' and it was agreed he would do 500 CDs and we would get 75 free copies as a sole payment. It was released on June 30th last year. We had to ask where our free copies were after it was released. It took the 'label' some 2 months to send us 25. Just yesterday, believe it or not, I received the third batch of 25. I really don't get this. Is he poor? Is he an idiot? Or does he just don't care? I have not been treated this bad in a long time. I think the very very first box a label should send out is to the artists who make their music. We have some for sale now, and we recommended not buying anything at from Tantric Harmonies.


rinus said...

dear frans,

the same applies for rudimentale records from italy. the cdr by canzoniere sintetico (teufeltanzmasken) was even reviewed by yours weekly :http://www.rudimentale.com/rdm010.html

two of the members of the group, being manuela barile and me haven't received a copy up till now. a big mouth yes, after having asked several times for one(1) free copy. tja.

greetings from berlin,


Frans de Waard said...

that is indeed bad. i still may have it somewhere. i can send it to you!