Thursday, March 25, 2010

Concerts some forthcoming (and some not)

A brief update on some concerts. Unfortunately the concert in Kalinagrad and the one in Vilnius have been cancelled. Vilnius has no money and in Kalinagrad the venue closed down. Also I was planning a short tour early May with Franz Fjodor/Wouter Jaspers, but in the end only one materialized in Graz. I looked very hard into this and its impossible to get there cheap, unless I take the bike. So that one is cancelled though. The good news is that Wouter and me play in Budapest on May 28th at something that is called 3. Relative (Cross)Hearings International Contemporary Music Meeting. also playing:


BA Group (H)
Ivan Palacky & Filip Cenek (CZ)
Wouter Jaspers – Frans de Waard (NL)
Orrect LiveAct (H)

Don't Eat Group feat. Ahad & Christian Skjødt (H/DK)
Violet (USA)
Rinus van Alebeek (D/NL)
Desert Chaos (H)

On May 23rd Wouter and me are part of a sound laboratory in Ottersum together with Roel Meelkop, Claus van Bebber and Steffan de Turck. On the same day, same place Beequeen will also play (full line up including Olga Wallis). Busy day that. More Beequeen concerts are at Lux in Nijmegen (perhaps June 11), together with The Legendary Pink Dots and The Use Of Ashes, also with a full Beequeen line up. Much later on, 12th November 2010 we play with Beequeen in Wroclaw. Depending on the cost of the travel there will be just me and Freek - we'll see. In November I might be delivering a talk about cassette releases from a historical perspective at Strp (if it happens) as well as solo tour in the UK. Get in contact if you think you can be of any help.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Second Life

Last year I started to work with the IODA who are handling worldwide online sales of MP3s. Much of the Korm Plastics is available through their sources (Itunes, Amazon, Emusic and such like). Today I added some more, including many items from old releases which are long gone (such as releases on Bake Records and Microwave), so a second life for this great music. Here's a complete list of what is currently available:

- The entire Moll catalogue except Moll 036
- Goem albums "Reduktie", "Disco", "Lokatie", "FDW - Japan 2007"
- Freiband albums "Homeward", "Microbes"
- Beequeen albums 'Treatise', 'Sugarbush', 'Der Holzweg - 13th Anniversary Edition', "Seltenturm - Beesides 1989-2000", 'Gund"
- Quest albums 'Hic Locus Quest', 'Q.E.D.', 'The First Hour', "Recovered Files"
- Kapotte Muziek albums 'The Malevolent Ear', "Curing Without Killing", "Add"
- The Tobacconists 7"
- Mirko Uhlig's "VIVMMI"
- Frans de Waard albums "Omgeving", "Vijf Profielen", "Trein", "Klankschap 1999 - 2005"
- Edward Ka-spel "Trapped in Amber / Christmas on the Moon"
- "The Year 25 - 25 Years Of Korm Plastics"
- Francisco Lopez/Richard Francis - In De Blaauwe Hand
- Andrea Belfi/Machinefabriek - Pulses & Places
- Surge "Landslide" and "First"
- ~Slo-fi album from Microwave
- Captain Black - "Light The Pipe"
- De Fabriek - Neveleiland
- Felix Kubin & Coolhaven - Suppe Für Die Nacht
- Flim - "Holiday Diary" & "Ohne Titel 1916"
- Frank Bretschneider & Peter Duimelinks - "Fflux"
- Giuseppe Ielasi & Howard Stelzer - "Night Life"
- Greg Malcolm & Tetuzi Akiyama - "Six Strings"
- Joe Colley & Jason Lescalleet - "Annihilate This Week"
- Ralf Wehowsky & Johannes Frisch - "Tränende Würger"
- Jon Mueller & Martijn Tellinga - "Bowl, Hellicopter"
- Kapotte Muziek by Toshiya Tsunoda
- Kapotte Muziek by Peter Rehberg
- Kodi & Pausa - "In One Week And New Toys To Play"
- Paul Panhuysen - "A Magic Square Of 5 To Look At"
- Pick-up - "Loop End"
- Shifts - "Seven Dots", "Mechanica", "Afterthought 1-8"
- Kapotte Muziek by Stephan Mathieu
- Steve Roden & Jason Kahn - "Shimmer / Flicker / Waver / Quiver"
- The Legendary Pink Dots - "Crushed Mementos"
- Kapotte Muziek by Thurston Moore
- Epitaph For John