Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dziga is alive

I'd like to prove I'm in Russia, but for now the batteries of my camera are dead, so I can't upload the pictures. Friday night we play at Dom for quite some people who loved the proceedings. Yesterday we did the tourist things and played Shtopor, which is a private club with access only by fingerprint but it looked like a great club, with various rooms. Goem and Slo-fi's music was in one room, but quite loud, but apparently people like it from a distance.
So I can't proof that we're here, except for this very nice film on You Tube. Enjoy this and if you like it come to the concerts of Monday and Tuesday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

From Russia With Love

Roel and me have arrived in Moscow, where the weather is not as good as in The Netherlands, but we arrived safely and didn't do much until now, besides walking a bit around. If you are in the area, then come to the concert at Dom to night. There is a bit of promotion with a megamix for my music here
More and perhaps pictures later on..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Touring Scheme

ok, now I know what I'll be doing in the next 30 or so days... here it is:

23.05 - concert in DOM, Moscow (KM, Freiband, Roel Meelkop)
24.05 - concert in Shtopor, Moscow (Goem, Slo-fi)
25.05 - workshop at Theremin-center, Moscow
26.05 - concert in GES, St-Petersbourg (KM, Freiband, Roel Meelkop)
27.05 - concert in ARS-forum, Yaroslavl (KM, Freiband, Roel Meelkop)
31.05 - concert in Extrapool, Nijmegen as Pick-up with Martin Luiten
06.06 - concert in Leeuwarden as Freiband (I think), with Machinefabriek
15.06 - concert and film presentation in Lux, Nijmegen as Frans de Waard
21.06 - concert in Worm, Rotterdam with Beequeen

busy times indeed! Stop by if you are in the area!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i'm in love with a dutch film star

o.k. so that last message may have been a bit cryptic, but in essence it's a radio show mix where i play some of my own music. It's not a remix, but a mix. This is the tracklist:
Past, present & future by and from Frans de Waard

0000 Beequeen - The Illogical Song (from CD 'Sandancing', Important Records imprec 177, 2008)
0016 Freiband - Fade In/Fade Out, remix of Mist (from CD 'Dangerous Words', Astro A081CDEP, 2003)
0259 Kapotte Muziek - Tweede Russelsheim (from CD 'Sonderangebot', Staalplaat, 1996)
0702 IFCO - Sunspots (from 7" 'Postcard', Entr'acte E51, 2008)
1141 Giuseppe Ielasi & Howard Stelzer & Roel Meelkop & Frans de Waard - Untitled (from CD 'Zondag', Port 003, 2007)
1458 Pick up - as yet untitled from forthcoming release
1907 Machinefabriek & Freiband - Oahu 2.1 (from CD 'Oahu', Low Point LP019, 2008)
2343 Beequeen - Beam Ends (from CD 'Ownliness', Infraction Records INFX 003, 2002)
2714 Goem - Untitled (from CD 'Atak 006', Atak 006, 2004)
2912 Frans de Waard - Vijf Profielen (from CD 'Vijf Profielen', Alluvial Recordings A26, 2007)
3128 Beequeen - The Illogical Song (from CD 'Sandancing', Important Records imprec 177, 2008)

mixed Monday April 14th, 2008 by Frans de Waard

The reason the previous post was a cut 'n paste job is that I posted it while working with Harrie Timmermans. We are commisioned to do a film together, or rather Harrie is. He was asked by Dziga in Nijmegen to do a short film on a musician and he proposed me. This week we shooted some material of me gathering sounds. Next week I'll be shot (!) composing with the material, and then on June 15th there will be the presentation and a concert with that material. All here in Nijmegen at Lux. At the CBKN there will be a presentation beforehand with some films by Harrie and one or two installation pieces by me.

There is more happening! Martin Luiten, who played guitar on the album with Machinefabriek, and I form a new duo called Pick-up and we completed our first CD and our first gig will be on May 31st at the opening of the re-build Extrapool.

Before that Roel and I will be a week in Russia (22-29 May). Two gigs are fixed:
23th May - Moscow (DOM cultural center,
26th May - St.-Petersbourg (GEZ-21 gallery)
which will be Freiband, Roel Meelkop, Kapotte Muziek and perhaps Zebra
maybe in Moscow in Stopor Club for 25th May, as Goem/Slo-Fi and maybe a gig in Yaroslav

Beequeen may perform at Worm in June, and Machinefabriek/Jan Kleefstra and me on the 6th in Leeuwarden.

John Wiese and I recorded some material at my studio, but mixing must wait some time..

Busy times

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tune In

Frans de Waard mixes Frans de Waard


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