Wednesday, May 30, 2007

all work and no play?

Still too busy with too many things, some of them even no fun. Was out camping with Elise, which was great (all play and no sleep). Today I got a copy of Dream Magazine number 7, which has an interview with me and Freek about music mainly and also a bit about dreams, on which subject neither of us to say anything I guess. On the CD there is a Freiband track which is called 'Rob's Beard'. It is one of those shelved remixes - I'd say be clever and make a good guess. The next concert is this sunday at 'Kunstuitleen Kunstwerk' in Nijmegen, where at around 7 i'll play a short concert, entirely based on samples of a local band Dagpauwoog, who say goodbye that day. Me, and others are doing a bit there. Should be fun. The second part on this to follow shortly

Thursday, May 10, 2007

and Andrew, Asmus, Frans & Freek...

Beequeen hardly appears on compilation CDs. You know. One of the good reasons is that we are very slow and precise when working on something and we rather keep it for our own full length CDs. Did I mention that our next CD 'Sanddancing' is nearly finished? All the music has been recorded, and just a bit of vocal(s) will be added by Olga this week and then it all goes to Erik Drost who will produce it for us, again. It's going to be a great CD, more song based than 'The Bodyshop', although there are two short pieces, well of sorts. You know. So 'Sanddancing' started out with recording a track called 'Where No Doves Fly' (Freek gave it a title, I keep thinking about the artists formerly known as simple), but it's not on there. We gave it to yet another compilation, called 'Listen To Something Different', which celebrates 10 years of a record shop in Rostock, called Ars Macabre. The only time I visited Rostock I really didn't like the city, quite aggressive people and such like, even at our concert in the port harbour (the Stubnitz was closed or something like that), but the only flickering light in this dreadful city was Ars Macabre, maybe a touch too gothic for my musical taste, but it had a great design, like an electric chair as a listening post. Come to think of it, it might be right after they opened when we were there? Oh no, this CD was compiled when the shop existed 10 years, but that was two years ago. Anyway behind the nice social-realism cover we find the old boys network: Muslimgauze (his tracks was submitted by Staalplaat), Ditterich von Euler-Donnerspeg, The Hafler Trio, Asmus Tietchens, Windfahnenamt, Troum, Inade, Columne One (it says so on the cover), Rapoon, Etant Donnes, Aube and Controlled Bleeding - well that makes Beequeen and Troum quite young. It's a dark matter this compilation, but not as gothic as one could perhaps anticipate. I'd say: buy loads!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Brian, KarlHeinz, Frans, Freek

I know, I know. More than a month has passed and not a single entry in my blog. I was never good at keeping diaries. Many things have been done. Received an invitation to play in Washington early september, applied for a grant for that, had a large sale in the first two days of May and today I receive 'Otherness' a compilation CD curated (ho-hum) by David Cotner. He once flaked doing a Beequeen 12" ('Gund'), but perhaps to make up for that he invited us for his 'Otherness' compilation, about 'in betweenness' and such like. Hard to explain. It's part of the Sonic Arts Network series and besides our Wander track, it also features lesser known composers such as one Brian Eno, Karlheinz Stockhausen (you'll never be famous with that name), Roland Kayn, Conrad Schnitzler, David Toop and Eddie Prevost (all from the old people's home), but luckily also z'ev, Ramleh, Mick Harris, Faust and such like. Not every track is exclusive it seems, but it makes a fine listen, and hopefully they will all benefit from the sales power that Wander usually have. Nice one, David.