Saturday, May 5, 2007

Brian, KarlHeinz, Frans, Freek

I know, I know. More than a month has passed and not a single entry in my blog. I was never good at keeping diaries. Many things have been done. Received an invitation to play in Washington early september, applied for a grant for that, had a large sale in the first two days of May and today I receive 'Otherness' a compilation CD curated (ho-hum) by David Cotner. He once flaked doing a Beequeen 12" ('Gund'), but perhaps to make up for that he invited us for his 'Otherness' compilation, about 'in betweenness' and such like. Hard to explain. It's part of the Sonic Arts Network series and besides our Wander track, it also features lesser known composers such as one Brian Eno, Karlheinz Stockhausen (you'll never be famous with that name), Roland Kayn, Conrad Schnitzler, David Toop and Eddie Prevost (all from the old people's home), but luckily also z'ev, Ramleh, Mick Harris, Faust and such like. Not every track is exclusive it seems, but it makes a fine listen, and hopefully they will all benefit from the sales power that Wander usually have. Nice one, David.

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