Wednesday, May 30, 2007

all work and no play?

Still too busy with too many things, some of them even no fun. Was out camping with Elise, which was great (all play and no sleep). Today I got a copy of Dream Magazine number 7, which has an interview with me and Freek about music mainly and also a bit about dreams, on which subject neither of us to say anything I guess. On the CD there is a Freiband track which is called 'Rob's Beard'. It is one of those shelved remixes - I'd say be clever and make a good guess. The next concert is this sunday at 'Kunstuitleen Kunstwerk' in Nijmegen, where at around 7 i'll play a short concert, entirely based on samples of a local band Dagpauwoog, who say goodbye that day. Me, and others are doing a bit there. Should be fun. The second part on this to follow shortly

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