Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back Up

So we had a great and tiring time in St. Petersburg and it happened that Roel asked me again if I had the master CDR of his second 7" for Korm Plastics. He is compiling a CD of various vinyl releases for Korm Plastics, and I already searched for it. So when coming back, I looked and looked again. No luck there, but what annoyed me is that I have some sound carriers (DATs, CDRs, Mini Discs, Cassettes) with my own music, and since a big external hard drive doesn't cost that much it seems logical to put all on one drive. That's been a my main activity for 3 weeks now, copying and transferring all recordings known to mankind of Frans de Waard. Cassettes are the last, working on that now. Its now almost 300 gigabyte, but the good thing is that I found some interesting unreleased works, so perhaps I will release some historical material somehow somewhere. This lead to making one text file with my entire discography. When that is ready for the public eye, I'll post it. All of this work means postponing the work that needs to start on a Frans de Waard CD for :zang (which is a collection of old work), a gamelan LP for ini.itu and some Haters tribute John Wiese just asked me for. By sheer coincidence I found a tape I did with his old flexi, so I'll rework that in a short piece for him. The first thing to be done on the list. Any aspiring CDR labels looking for some old unreleased Quest music, harsh noise by Kapotte Muziek and such like, feel free to contact me: