Thursday, March 29, 2007

various things

Lots of things to report. Yesterday evening I played a Goem solo show in Tilburg at the Batcave, which is part of 013 (sold out yesterday because of Fall Out boy, of whom I never heard). In the Batcave Vincent Koreman organised a Britney Spears theme event, with a Britney hairdresser and free CDRs (which I forgot to take). My thing went ok, except that Sickboy put out of my concentration with a stupid on stage question. I don't mind that breakcore artists may not apply any concentration - I do need it.
Good news on the release front is that Bertin send me a copy of a CDR he released with remixes of his Joyeaux release. I did a Freiband remix of 'Videorecorder', of which I am particular proud. There are also remixes of David Fenech, Gunter Adler, Roel Meelkop, The Hitmachine, Marieke Verbiesen, Rili Sun, Simone Zacharias, Uw Hypotheekadvies, Propeller and Danielle Lemaire - and yes that includes some new names for me.
Also released is a Kapotte Muziek vs Goem mini CD on Hushush. Already proposed in 2002 by Dimitri of Hushush that there should be some sort of mix between the two bands which have the same members. We actually recorded something keeping this in mind, which I edited into a piece that ended up on the 'Not Lost' 4CDR boxset. But Roel also did his piece, using a Kapotte Muziek live recording, adding Goem elements in the mix. It's quite a nice release, but you have to play it quite loud to hear the Goem elements. I don't like the cover, I must admit.
Tomorrow is the Goem solo concert at De Onderbroek here in beautiful Nijmegen. And I am working on assembling three new releases. But more on that later.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Finally the CD 'Vijf Profielen' arrived. I know I know. When I start this blog (or is it 'to blog'?) it was coming my way, but now they are really here. The first pressing had 2 glitches which shouldn't have been there, so now it's re-pressed and it sounds as it's supposed to be. I have 250 copies of the first pressing which I am handing out en masse. Friends in the music field tell me it's a great work, while people in my direct surrounding (most of whom never hear anything I do) think it's 'interesting', but 'not for me'. There you go. I am quite happy with it, I must admit, and it's very first 'real' CD by me under my own name. My my.

Friday, March 23, 2007

the next 2 concerts are...

again under the Goem|FDW name. The first is wednesday march 28th in Tilburg's Batcave (part of 013) on a britney spears theme event. also playing are Franz Fjodor, Eustacian, Vytear, all three are new to me. The venue opens at 21:00 and i'll probably go on first. Then two days later, on friday, there is an event called Fischer Fritz Fischt Frische Fische at De Onderbroek, Nijmegen. It's a sort of ballroom dance night thing with short gigs. Also playing Bertin & P Hitmachine, The Titmachine, Rene SG, Fifi Hengsten, DJ J Smoke, DJ P and DJ Meeuw. Open: 21:00 Start 22:00. I am surely the first one to play here.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

a small gift

With the consent of Freek, there is the full Beequeen concert to be downloaded for free, for the time being at least. Point your browsers to to see one picture and download the concert (minus the introduction tape), let's say about 30 minutes to popmusic.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

the previous beequeen concert

There are loads of people at Arnhem trainstation when Beequeen arrives, going to shuttle busses. None of them goes to see Beequeen and The Legendary Pink Dots, but all are there to go to Shakira. Not really any sort of comptetion for us. The evening is not very well attended (ours, unlike Sharika) and the audience is very responsive. To eachother. Among the loudest people are the girls who run the bar and two old hippies who started drinking at home, to arrive in good mood. But Beequeen manages to do well, going through their set of songs. We even have to skip one, because of time pressure. Our plan to play a few Beequeen songs and few Brunnen songs with some additional sounds that wasn't part of the show Freek played by himself in Munster in February works well. Beequeen as a little pop band. Who could have guessed that? I may upload some portion of the live recording soon, when Freek and I know which part. And oh, perhaps a picture or two.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

the next beequeen concert

As you (hopefully) know Beequeen is well-known for not playing live very often, for various reasons. One reason these days is that we are working on our new CD, which goes fine, really fine, but slow, really slow. So we don't have too much time to ponder over new songs to play live. So by stroke of (bad) luck, we will play at the Goudvishal in Arnhem on the 17th, as a support to Edward ka-spel and/or The Legendary Pink Dots. Say, hold on. Didn't we play there last year? Yes, we did, one of the two concerts from 2006 was there at a 'gothic' (yuk) party, which means half the audience is more interested in talking and looking at eachother than at anyone (pink dots included) being on stage (and getting slagged off on some internet site as a thank you for using a laptop, yeeh did anyone notice?). If you would run around naked, nobody would notice. Holy mozes and we are playing again there with no new songs to present live? We could do our more moody 'Long Stones & Circles' thing but the careful character of that piece would probably even be more lost. So, we go for a little experiment. Since Freek played a solo Brunnen show in Munster last month, he still knows all the lyrics to 5 Brunnen songs and the 3 Beequeen songs he played over there. Now we turn matters upside down and inside out and play the same songs as Beequeen. I will 'fill' in the gap here and there with a loosely found sound on my laptop. Again not that anyone could matter at the next gothic party. We start early I hope, so that every gothic is still at home putting up their make up or getting in too tight latex pants.