Thursday, March 29, 2007

various things

Lots of things to report. Yesterday evening I played a Goem solo show in Tilburg at the Batcave, which is part of 013 (sold out yesterday because of Fall Out boy, of whom I never heard). In the Batcave Vincent Koreman organised a Britney Spears theme event, with a Britney hairdresser and free CDRs (which I forgot to take). My thing went ok, except that Sickboy put out of my concentration with a stupid on stage question. I don't mind that breakcore artists may not apply any concentration - I do need it.
Good news on the release front is that Bertin send me a copy of a CDR he released with remixes of his Joyeaux release. I did a Freiband remix of 'Videorecorder', of which I am particular proud. There are also remixes of David Fenech, Gunter Adler, Roel Meelkop, The Hitmachine, Marieke Verbiesen, Rili Sun, Simone Zacharias, Uw Hypotheekadvies, Propeller and Danielle Lemaire - and yes that includes some new names for me.
Also released is a Kapotte Muziek vs Goem mini CD on Hushush. Already proposed in 2002 by Dimitri of Hushush that there should be some sort of mix between the two bands which have the same members. We actually recorded something keeping this in mind, which I edited into a piece that ended up on the 'Not Lost' 4CDR boxset. But Roel also did his piece, using a Kapotte Muziek live recording, adding Goem elements in the mix. It's quite a nice release, but you have to play it quite loud to hear the Goem elements. I don't like the cover, I must admit.
Tomorrow is the Goem solo concert at De Onderbroek here in beautiful Nijmegen. And I am working on assembling three new releases. But more on that later.

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