Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Korm Plastics 25!

A busy week this is. Two concerts/events by Kapotte Muziek, celebrating 25 years of great music with visits from Howard Stelzer, Radboud Mens, DJ DMDN, Jos Smolders and Asmus Tietchens (only in Nijmegen) and Asra (in Amsterdam). In Extrapool there will be a small exhibition of CD/LP/Cassette covers and posters, and the first 25 paying customers get a free CD. That night is also the official launch of the another celebration, 25 years of Korm Plastics. The only thing I'm doing for that is to release a casstte, just like I started the label in 1984: a compilation. Its already out, so have peep here. It looks absolutely great! Also there are three new releases on My Own Little Label, including a collaboration 3"CDR with Machinefabriek, from our joint set from last week in Berlin. Have a look and listen here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Koken Met Sneeuw

Just back from my studio where I am busy preparing a so-called piece for 2010. I have serious intentions of playing live more than I did, solo or otherwise and therefore I am preparing one piece which is kinda open ended, leaving room for various interpretations. It will be not an exclusive laptop thing - we've seen that, right? - but also involves cassettes, contact microphones, an organ and a crackle box. The 'premiere' (ho-hum) will be on the 13th in Berlin as part of a Staalplaat showcase together with Machinefabriek. Rutger and I intend to play together as well, 'OHUA' live. Following concerts are planned in Vilnius (april 30th), Kallingrad (perhaps April 28th) and in may with Franz Fjodor on a small tour (please let me know if you want to book this tour!). And hopefully many more. So I got back home and found a CD 'Oude Koeien' by Roel Meelkop in the mail, which basically has the four records I released from Roel on Korm Plastics, plus his 7" of Beequeen reworking and a new piece. I wrote the liner notes for this, called 'Koken Met Sneeuw' - its been a harsh winter! Buy a copy of it today!