Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's Another Year? - It Was 2008

If you have been reading this years entries on this blog, you may think you don't need to read this years report. You could do just as well do read it. I don't think 2008 was any spectacular year, just another year, like so many. But surely some nice things were done.

Releases: there were many releases with my music and I must say I am still proud of them all. No highlights per se, as they are all highlights. The latest Beequeen, the first Zebra CD, the releases by Pick-up, the various releases by Freiband. All mighty fine.

In 2009 there will be more releases, such as the long awaited 'Mouthless' LP by Pick-up on Important Records and hopefully a third and fourth LP. The third one is done now, and had interest from a label, but we didn't hear back from them; work on the fourth one has started. In disrespect of what Wander said, one release per format, there will be a second CD, this time for Divine Frequencies, all played on analogue synths and some field recordings. Wander will also indulge in a 3"CDR with their one and only excursion in noiseland. No label yet. More releases on My Own Little Label, after a six month rest. Roel and me already did a bit of work on a new CD by Zebra, and have serious plans for a great christmas 7".

Concerts: highlight was of course the trip to Russia, apart from two trips into Germany, the only foreign expedition done. Fine gigs were also Freiband and Beequeen in Maastricht, the odd small concert at O Tannebaum and in Leeuwarden. Things could have been better at Extrapool, Lux and Worm, oh well. I wish I didn't went to Eindhoven. Next year, I have a concert on the 10th of January in Extrapool with a few cassette machines and perhaps on the 5th of february in Heerlen. I'd love to play out more. Contact me!

The Labels. Again proud of all releases I did this year, 'Outwaard' by Z'EV, 'Dislocation' by The Hafler Trio, 'Tilburg' by THU20, 'Loop End' by Pick-up and all the MOLL releases. Best sold release of this year was the 3"CDR by Bass Communion and Freiband, no surprise there. It will be released as 10inch vinyl by Tone Float early 2009 as part of a bigger package with other Bass Communion works on vinyl. Plans for releases include a new Brombron CD by Francisco Lopez/Richard Francis, a CD version of 'Fin de Siecle' by Illusion Of Safety, LPs by Mirko Uhlig and one by me (both highly limited), 'The Name Of Someone', by The Hafler Trio, ending my relationship with Andrew McKenzie and perhaps something by Jim O'Rourke - at last. I signed a deal with IODA to get MP3s on all the official sites, which should be going early 2009. I do hope physical sales will fare better, but hey 'its the crisis, stupid'.

Art? I was extremely proud of the film Harrie Timmermans did on me and my participation in 'Frozen' (which had a re-run in another Gallery in Amsterdam, which name eludes me right now, I'm sure it's on the CV). I just completed a short soundtrack for a film 'IJzig Vuur' by Jan-Kees Helms (the old man from Lor Teeps), which will be shown in January in Amersfoort. I hope to have it on a business card release before that.

Otherwise - it was great to meet Peter Hook, even though he just mailed me he still didn't hear my Zebra CD. Had some interesting new hallucination experience this year (well, three of them) - not to be repeated that often. Building now a new studio space at Extrapool - open for rental soon, if you love old analogue gear.

Future. I hate this time of the year, makes me always quite depressed, and it will be gone in a week from now. So thinking about the future is something I am not good at. But in 2009 both Kapotte Muziek and Korm Plastics will exist for 25 years. There might be some sort of celebration for the first and, if sales remain this bad, a burial for the second.

happy new ear

Friday, December 5, 2008

Seven Short Gigs

I have not been doing this for several years, say 8 or so, but tonight I returned to play Sinterklaas again. Seven 15 minute house gigs for small children. Singing (me!) and telling, and giving presents which I didn't buy. The lower the social class the more religious they were, and the more they smoked in front of their children. Amazing as usual, although not the great stories as before, when I did trailer parks, pubs, restaurants and the local youth prison, but a fine gig as usual. Well seven to be precise.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two New Releases

Today I received some copies of a CD by Oba Masahiro, called 'Prot', which offers five tracks of ambient and sweet techno inspired remixes. Out of these five tracks four are remixed, one by me. It says 'Frans de Waard remix', which, honestly I would have preferred 'Freiband remix', since the musical style is rather from Freiband. Other remixers are by Set In Sand, Motorofaam and Aoki Shintaro. Quite nice, and of course I few some to sell. Labelwebsite

Not for sale by me, is the CDR release on Moving Furniture Records, a new CDR label by Sietse van Erve, Orphax fame etc. His first release is by Russia's Five Elements Music, with whom we travelled from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back. He took the Kapotte Muziek recording from St. Petersburg and created a new piece of it. Of course part of the big Kapotte Muziek by... series, yet not on Korm Plastics. Highly recommended for lovers of drone music. Labelwebsite