Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two New Releases

Today I received some copies of a CD by Oba Masahiro, called 'Prot', which offers five tracks of ambient and sweet techno inspired remixes. Out of these five tracks four are remixed, one by me. It says 'Frans de Waard remix', which, honestly I would have preferred 'Freiband remix', since the musical style is rather from Freiband. Other remixers are by Set In Sand, Motorofaam and Aoki Shintaro. Quite nice, and of course I few some to sell. Labelwebsite

Not for sale by me, is the CDR release on Moving Furniture Records, a new CDR label by Sietse van Erve, Orphax fame etc. His first release is by Russia's Five Elements Music, with whom we travelled from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back. He took the Kapotte Muziek recording from St. Petersburg and created a new piece of it. Of course part of the big Kapotte Muziek by... series, yet not on Korm Plastics. Highly recommended for lovers of drone music. Labelwebsite

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