Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updates at last

I know. I have never been good in keeping diaries, so my blog is a bit behind. The Eurovision noise contest was big fun. An endurance test for the jury, but soaked in wine, so it was good. See the evidence above.
I released two new LPs. One is a live recording from THU20 from last year's concert in Paradox in Tilburg. Not that this info on the cover. We all forgot to put it on. Also the very first LP by Pick-up on Plinkity Plonk is now released, and I am quite proud of that one. Great music, great cover. me thinks.
Last friday and saturday Roel and me worked on some new Zebra music, our album of classic (rhapsody, sonates, symphony and that kind of stuff). A tiring session, in many ways, but some satisfying result, we feel. I should post some MP3s on myspace, come to think of it.
While being in Rotterdam I also played with Beequeen, the full trio line up. For some curious reason the computer was a bit slower at the concert (though tempo was unchanged, maybe its the weather, electrical or ghostly activities - Radboud Mens, the expert at hand, also had no clue, so there is hardly a lesson to be learned), so the first four songs are off, but once restarting the programm things worked out well. Still seven nice songs. Download the entire concert

Next thursday Kapotte Muziek will be doing a workshop in Cologne, again at the Kulturbunker ('there is no reception in the bunker' a wise man once remarked while playing shortwave radio) for youngsters (16-18 years old). They will learn to solder and do field recording. Kapotte Muziek will also play solo and there is a concert of Tarkatak (and perhaps we'll do something with him too)
And much further away is a small concert at Extrapool's Tape Treff on January 10 where I'l be using two cassette decks and two microphones - I hope. Its about cassettes, so maybe should go as Kapotte Muziek. Well, enough time to think about it.