Friday, September 28, 2007

Video Killed The Radio Star

When I was in Stavanger, the same night a young French man by the name of Lingouf played also, a two and half hour breakcore concert. He and his girlfrien videoed the whole event, and compiled a nice film of it. It contains them travelling, for monsieur Lingouf the very first flight actually, but also my little talk about Vital Weekly and my concert. Certainly worth watching!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Busking Tilburg

Two more concerts last weekend and both by Kapotte Muziek. The first one, last friday, at Steim in Amsterdam was our usual set of cracks, electro-acoustic and silence. The space was quiet. I missed Noetinger/Marchetti, because I had to head back to Nijmegen, but I am told it was good. So different situation on sunday when we played for the very first time acoustic on streets of Tilburg. No electronics anywhere in sight. Before us was Vulvax who put on quite a performance, which of course the three elderly men don't do. It was short and highly flux like. Jos Smolders and me made recordings, and Jos will see if he paste them together. Our concert was part of Zxzw which was multiple day festival with loads of all sorts of alternative music. It seemed to me that The Netherlands finally have their own Sonar, and thank the lord it's not in that other city. It was crazy meeting all those people that I came across in recent years, like Dirk Serries, Sietse van Erve, Kasper van Hoek, Meeuw, The Hitmachine, Peter Zincken and bizarre enough G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, who I met too briefly after fourteen or so years. He gave me the standard Jupitter-Larsen ruler, so I am now re-measuring my house. Genesis P.Orridge walked about too, but in stead of watching Psychic TV I went to see Lewd, who played after eleven years again. Lewd is a heavy trio with my dear friend Jacques, and I must say his trio rocked. Much better than anything I heard from them on CD. Great.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The New Big Guy, Let Me In

I know I am late. This is a long overdue recount of my current activities. So first on August 30 I went to beautiful Stavanger to play the day after a solo concert under my own name, which is actually a rare thing. I played three pieces, 'Profieldeel Zes', which is a remix of 'Vijf Profielen', 'IX (For Christian Nijs)' and a new piece, which has no name yet. Things went well, despite the fact that my ribs hurt like hell. I forgot to tell I fell off my bike in the rain, the week before that. A night of no sleep didn't speed up the healing process, but the plane went on six in the morning. Straight to Rotterdam, were I slept for an hour or so at Roel's house, before heading off to Deventer, to play as Zebra. Despite some technical problems things went well, even when no one but one danced. Audience response was low, where they were enthusiastic about the rock bands. It made us think: old guys play laptops, the young ones play guitars. Doesn't that seem odd?
Not much time to contemplate the answer as on thursday 6th I left for Washington. Immigration let me in, once again (what a nightmare that is) and I played three concerts at Sonic Circuits: on friday as Freiband,on Saturday as Goem|FDW and on sunday as myself. Schizophonica in optima forma. Friday and Saturday were packed nights, with lots of bands, some technical problems which affected Humcrush and Christoph Heeman, but it was nice seeing the latter as well as Kevin Spencer of Robot Records fame. 'Profieldeel Zes' from Washington comes as a 3" on My Own Little Label, and Zeromoon will have a MP3 of the Goem|FDW concert.
On 9/11 I took the above picture, which subtitle is: 'I'm the new big guy, let me in'. Looking around the corridors of power, I think it's most likely the only tourist thing I did this year.