Friday, August 24, 2007

new concerts, new release

ok, so I have pretty good view of the forthcoming concerts. This should be it:
August 31 concert as Frans de Waard @ Tou in Stavanger, Norway
September 1 concert as Zebra in Deventer September 7 concert as Freiband at Sonic Circuits, Washington
September 8 concert as Goem|FDW at Sonic Circuits, Washington
September 21 concert as Kapotte Muziek @ Steim in Amsterdam
September 23 concert as Kapotte Muziek @ SXSW in Tilburg (afternoon)
September 29 concert as Zebra @ Stichting in Rotterdam
There might be another one or two concerts in the usa. Jeff Surak is working on that. If that's not happening than I guess I will be recording all extra nights with Jeff on new music.
Speaking of old music, if I ever had to choose one release from the past to be re-issued on CD I would probably choose the IMCA LP. That album was the product of endless tape exchange between me, Jos Smolders and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, which in the end was mixed to the various pieces by Jos and me in the hot attic of the Smolders residence. I have good memories of that, learned a lot from the master. Jos lovingly remastered the LP and the previous cassette we made with John Hudak and the great Nicolas Malevitsis released it on CD and mister Meeuw made a great cover. As happy as I was with the LP when it came out, as happy I am with the CD version. Timeless classic stamped all over it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

forthcoming concerts

The Frans de Waard concert in Stavanger, Norway is happening on August 31st. Don't know the location. Also playing that night is Zoviet*France, so hopefully there will be a re-run of them and me, from 1998, when we played at the Stubnitz together in Stockholm. I fly back the very next day, at 6.30 or so in the morning, since there is a Zebra concert on the 1st in the evening in Deventer. Then, if all goes well, I may head out for america on the 4th until the the 11th or 12th for a concert at Sonic Circuit in Washington DC. Also in September Kapotte Muziek will be playing at Steim on the 22nd and Zebra at the Momi festival in Rotterdam.
Just released is a gorgeous 5LP set by Fear Falls Burning. Each side is a rework/remix of Fear by one artist. As Freiband I also do a side. Great box!