Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ok, so when I started to create music 25 years ago, the one thing I never was really interested in was playing in a band. Getting every week together in some stinky rehearsal space, to do those same songs over and over again, just simply seemed a drag. But then I never counted on no wave. One of my local favorites is the Titmachine who play a bunch of covers. Pascale and Jodi who play bass and drums pretty much keep things together and Jana screams the lyrics, while Djarmilla absolutely can't play the guitar but with a distortion pedal: who cares. So, I saw them a couple of times and their funny inept playing makes a great performance.
This week local synth pop meister Bertin said he and Titmachine would be playing at some art-do in 's-Hertogenbosch and said he place in the car for me, so why blow a chance to see the machine again? When we arrived it turned out that Djarmilla couldn't come, so Pascale and Jodi (while waiting for Jana), asked me to play her guitar... I said I never played guitar, let alone in public, it was even better for their no wave. I tried to lie a way out if, by saying I didn't know which songs they would be playing, but then got an ipod handed: go ahead and have a listen. So with a distortion pedal full on during the soundcheck, I decided to do it. It was pretty nerve racking, but its really like improvisation: you just react to what others do and try to stop all at the same time. There is a short film, which I will try to get hold of, but for now Bertin's pictures to proof the event.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I 'forgot' to tell you that the first release by Ezdanitoff was released by My Own Little Label, but this week Redbol, while designing the cover for the Kapotte Muziek 25th anniversary live cd (more later), gave me a bunch of comic books, digitally. Included was Agent 327 and the first one I read was 'Dossier Zevenslaper' and on page one we come across a small tribute to Herge's Ezdanitoff, see picture above. Order a copy of 'Komeet' here