Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Although I hate to use the expression 'busy busy busy', things have been slightly crazy. The show at De Onderbroek went well, I got even a nice buzz on the dutch vpro 3voor12 site (http://3voor12lokaal.vpro.nl/magazines/news/index.jsp?portals=18019&magazines=18020&news=513040). It was nice evening that ended in quite a blurr for some, me included. The rest of the days were spent on assembling my latest three releases, a 7" by The Hafler Trio, a repress of The Hafler Trio's 'Kill The King' and a CD by z'ev, which is entirely based on sound samples I mailed him, and thus is called 'Forwaard'. It has a nice Wozencroft rip off cover. And oh, I approved a test pressing of the Shifts LP on entr'acte and even wrote liner notes for it, as it might very well be the final release I do as Shifts. No concerts in the immediate future. Perhaps a short one on june 3rd in Arnhem.

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