Sunday, March 18, 2007

the previous beequeen concert

There are loads of people at Arnhem trainstation when Beequeen arrives, going to shuttle busses. None of them goes to see Beequeen and The Legendary Pink Dots, but all are there to go to Shakira. Not really any sort of comptetion for us. The evening is not very well attended (ours, unlike Sharika) and the audience is very responsive. To eachother. Among the loudest people are the girls who run the bar and two old hippies who started drinking at home, to arrive in good mood. But Beequeen manages to do well, going through their set of songs. We even have to skip one, because of time pressure. Our plan to play a few Beequeen songs and few Brunnen songs with some additional sounds that wasn't part of the show Freek played by himself in Munster in February works well. Beequeen as a little pop band. Who could have guessed that? I may upload some portion of the live recording soon, when Freek and I know which part. And oh, perhaps a picture or two.

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