Thursday, March 8, 2007

the next beequeen concert

As you (hopefully) know Beequeen is well-known for not playing live very often, for various reasons. One reason these days is that we are working on our new CD, which goes fine, really fine, but slow, really slow. So we don't have too much time to ponder over new songs to play live. So by stroke of (bad) luck, we will play at the Goudvishal in Arnhem on the 17th, as a support to Edward ka-spel and/or The Legendary Pink Dots. Say, hold on. Didn't we play there last year? Yes, we did, one of the two concerts from 2006 was there at a 'gothic' (yuk) party, which means half the audience is more interested in talking and looking at eachother than at anyone (pink dots included) being on stage (and getting slagged off on some internet site as a thank you for using a laptop, yeeh did anyone notice?). If you would run around naked, nobody would notice. Holy mozes and we are playing again there with no new songs to present live? We could do our more moody 'Long Stones & Circles' thing but the careful character of that piece would probably even be more lost. So, we go for a little experiment. Since Freek played a solo Brunnen show in Munster last month, he still knows all the lyrics to 5 Brunnen songs and the 3 Beequeen songs he played over there. Now we turn matters upside down and inside out and play the same songs as Beequeen. I will 'fill' in the gap here and there with a loosely found sound on my laptop. Again not that anyone could matter at the next gothic party. We start early I hope, so that every gothic is still at home putting up their make up or getting in too tight latex pants.

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