Friday, June 1, 2007


no no, i haven't been robbed, but it's the title of the goem cd. Not that the famous trio sat down to record, it's perhaps even unlikely that will happen, but it's title of the Goem CD produced by Roel Meelkop. Following my CD on Atak (in 2004) he took a CD, of which I am not at liberty to tell which, and sampled, well robbed, the hell out of it and created his version of Goem. Now it's released by Small Voices (who released the Wander as well, but that's an old story) and it has eigth tracks. I must say I quite enjoyed it. It's quite playful, more than the old 'goem-as-trio' version and has lots of funny sounds and approaches. The thing I don't like that much is that it's quite digital, which is not very goem-like. My Goem CD was only part digital, since lots of the sounds were taken of the analogue synthesizers. This CD doesn't break that much with the Goem tradition as I did (well, in my humble opinion), but it's overal a great CD. Get a copy today ( And let's hope Peter Duimelinks will do one too, as to complete the trilogy.

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