Thursday, June 21, 2007


Unofrtunally I don't have a surround set-up at home, otherwise I could have enjoyed the release by Leerraum today better. It's, if I am correct, the sound to an installation Zimoun did in Switzerland for which he uses a whole bunch of sounds supplied by people they are in contact with. The forty minute piece includes sounds by me, Autobam, Bloom, FM3, Jason Kahn, Heribert Friedl, Kenneth Kirschner and others. I played it on my stereo and it sounded great - I even recognized my sounds! (
Also I received a CD by Kraig Grady today for Vital Weekly which blew me away. It easily matches with the best Phill Niblock CD (Music By on XI) and is a stunning stunning piece of work. Review next week, but this is an add for it. check out for more details and get a copy right away.

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