Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the new old one

You can wonder how much time someone could need to release a simple CDR (white cover, attach with glue a full colour print out), but it to Evelyn Records about three years to release a Shifts CDR, 'Vertonen 14'. I already got one last year, but now they are out. Wow, couldn't believe that. Can't say I'm happy with that, but it's one of the better in the series I guess. How would I know?
I still feel uneasy of one day manual labor at Extrapool, my body is just not fit for any sort of physical slavery and a fall down of my bike, while not even driving the thing myself. I am old...

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Howard Stelzer said...

Yes Frans, you are very very old. You're like... Father Time. Older than that, even. You are older than dirt. Older than the hills. Old old old.