Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Ah, last sunday. Despite making a very late and intoxicated night on saturday I stumbled out of bed to pick the phone and be rude to someone, which I didn't mean (sorry, Joep, hope all is well now), but it was good to get out and go the place where the farewell party of Dagpauwoog was planned. This local trio, including Maaike, whom I knew from Girlfriends and Rutger, of machinefabriek fame, made a CD and DVD, but called it a day and didn't perform. In stead they had asked five people to do something, which made, along with food and drink, a perfect sunday afternoon - a good way to recover a hangover. I played last, was a bit so so, but the good thing is, I made a 'studio' version before. My piece is entirely based on samples of their music, including drums, vocals, guitar and electronic bits. When I recorded this piece, which last in the studio 17 minutes and live 13, I thought it would be a good idea to do a CDR label. I enjoyed releasing CDRs when I did Microwave, Bake, Korm Plastics and all those others, but the new one is entirely devoted to my own music, MY OWN LITTLE LABEL, a.k.a. Moll. And why not release 3 to start with? So 001 is the remix of Dagpauwoog, the second is 'Ice Field' with six tracks originally recorded for a compilation by Ideal Recordings and the third one is a re-issue of the thingy Twenty Hertz once released. Three 3" CDRs by Freiband. The next three releases will be a businesscard CDR by Beequeen, one by Roel Meelkop and a 3" from me as Frans de Waard. The covers are designed by Rutger Zuydervelt and printed at the Hema on photo paper, and they look gorgeous. Rutger is brided to be Moll's own Peter Saville. I spent everyday looking 5 minutes at them. Go to to see more.

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