Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The final (?) Shifts release

Today I received copies of 'Trees/Leaves', a LP on Entr'acte. The first Shifts release with real liner notes, by me. There you can read this might be the final release by Shifts. I feel the whole concept of Shifts is done and said with, 'until I learn to play the guitar properly one day, this is it'. Well, after I wrote that I thought I should do a real final release, by burning the old 1 euro acoustic guitar I once picked up and make some field recordings out of that. I think I'll do that this summer some beautiful day. Maybe it's nothing and this LP is it. It looks great with orange paper and sealed like all Entr'acte releases. Next month they will also release a 7" by Idea Fire Company, which I recorded and mixed in my studio. Highly psychedelic drone music that is...

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