Thursday, February 8, 2007

a fresh start?

Well, no, not really of course. No fresh start. But as extension to my 'self-indulgent newsletters' of a decade ago, first as a piece paper and then as an e-mail, which nobody wanted, now a blog. But perhaps also because today, february 8th, my very first CD under my own name will be released. I know, Bake Records did 2 CDR releases, and there are the odd pieces for compilations under my own, but now a real CD. It contains a piece called 'Vijf Profielen', which I recorded in Vlissingen, The Netherlands in late 2005. A marine shipping yard was to be moved to a different part of town and to close their immense building there was an art exhibition and three people with composition assignments, I was the last. I spend a week recording the sounds inside the building and in the evening I put them all together, as a requiem in five parts for this disappearing building. A live version was already released on a DVD from the exhibition catalogue, but the studio version I completed in my studio at Extrapool is of course much much better. Roger NBH did the cover, Knust printed the cover and Alluvial Recordings released it. Great.

And today it snows. Probably the only winter we see in The Netherlands. It's no longer a season, winter time, but a day in a week.

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