Tuesday, February 27, 2007


yes, i made it back home. Safe and sound. Saturday was spend buying a new laptop and one of those new recording devices and had the best sushi near the fishmarket of Tokyo. Sunday I didn't do much until the evening. I played a piece which wasn't great, I think, but the short improvised with Evala was great. The second half of the evening started with Haino is great mode, then him and Pan Sonic, then those with Keichiro (another highlight) and the evening with everybody, including me and Evala. Followed by the last short and restless night. I am still dizzy, but hopefully jetlagging will be alright. Strange to be back, and looking at the pile of CDs for Vital Weekly (unfortunally some people still think its great to send 5 cds at once).
But a big thanks is in place to Maria and Keichiro, Evala, Mika and Ilpo for a great week in Japan, and of course everybody at the various venues. It was simply a great trip. I love to go back any time.

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