Friday, February 23, 2007

at unit

Last night Unit, the disco of Shibuya was packed to the roof with people, and everybody seemed to enjoy the music. Keichiro was in a more straight forward beat style, and so was Evala. I made some changes in my set too, and played the Wolfgang Voigt remix that Goem-as-trio also used to play as the final track. Unfortunally no recording was made - well, the first five minutes. Keiji Haino made also an appearance to a bewildered audience who was not used to his music, but took it well. Pan Sonic was in great shape too and in the afterparty Terre Thaemlitz played some nice techno/house music. I sold 1 CD (as opposed to 19 in Yamaguchi and 11 in Kyoto) - so I still have to beg with my hat in hand. And oh, by special request of my Dutch friend Koen I wore the t-shirt requested - photo's will be coming your way.
What is no longer a secret is that sunday, the final night of my stay in Japan, there will an extra concert at Superdeluxe. Ilpo and Mika will each play solo, and probably something with Haino (who may also play solo) and I will play a Freiband piece. I am not sure which one yet, as I brought several ('tonspur 2', 'Leise' or '11 (for Christian Nijs)'). I strongely feel towards the last, but it will depend on the place. It is going to be listening music, and not beat music. Sit down rather than stand up. It will start at 19:30, I believe. I don't know where it is exactely, but if you are in the area, you probably know.
Today, or what remains of it after a night that ended at 6:30 this morning, we will head for Akiabara to buy one of those new small recording devices and perhaps another laptop.
As I fly back monday morning early this is probably my last posting from a sun covered Tokyo.

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