Friday, February 16, 2007


The easiest thing I did was the ten minute ride on my bike to the trainstation in Nijmegen, after a short and restless night. From there ninety minutes to the airport, 1 hour to frankfurt, 11 hours to osaka (where they immigration let me in with much ease, much to my surprise, after last time's hassle), then 1 hour to fukuoka and 40 minutes on the train to yamaguchi. But I arrived! Mika Vainio is here too, Ilpo will arrive later because he has the flue. Mika will play tomorrow with Haino Keij here in Yamaguchi. The first sushi has been eaten, apperently it's very good here in Yamaguchi, which is near the sea and in the mountains. Lovely cold here, as opposed to my 2001 visit in soaking hot weather. The YCAM where we play tomorrow is a large arts and media institute and we play in a nice big room.
On my way here I played 'Hello Young Lovers' by Sparks twice. I never heard this and recently got it by someone's recommendation. What a great and over the top album that is. Highly recommended. Now I'm in my hotel room with the box provided by the hotel for internet, two beers and classical music, before I hope to get a long night of rest.

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