Thursday, February 22, 2007

oh well...

The Symposium was well attended last night at the Uplink Factory (which relocated and is no longer on the fifth floor of a building, but on streetlevel). It took two hours which was a bit long, as far as I'm concerned. But some interesting questions, ranging from wether talent is born or can be learned (I must believe the latter for various reasons) and what Ilpo's hobby's are and lots about the (mis-) use of computers. After that Ilpo and me went for a small amount of drinks, which costed (as we sadly found out when we left) only 23 euros a piece. If you see a man with a hat in his hand on the streets begging for money, with a vaguely western look: that's me.
Today there is a meeting planned with P*distribution, the official Korm Plastics distributor in Japan and of course tonight's late event at Unit. Starts at 23:00.

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