Monday, February 19, 2007


Since my last post we have been in Kyoto, but I haven`t seen a temple yet. Or rather: I saw them all, but from some distance. The Kyoto University of Arts and Design were tonight`s concert is, had a dance performance yesterday evening by two Butoh dancers, and improvised music by Keichiro Shibuya and Mika Vainio, and is located somewhat up the hills, on the edge of Kyoto. I walked the hill up a bit further and from there a great scenic view over the city. So perhaps I saw all temples. The weather has been beautiful here, warm (for the time of the year) and sunny, so the forest walk was quite nice.
Ilpo has arrived, recovered from the flue, so we are all complete for tonight`s concert in the same place as yesterday. Which is great: yesterday 2 people thought I was Ilpo. `I am a big fan of Pan Sonic` - `Me too`, I responded. Otherwise nothing lost in translation, if you know what I mean. No pictures yet, since I didn`t bring my camera with me to Japan. It`s a shitty thing anyway...

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