Sunday, February 18, 2007

first night

The first night at YCAM went really well. YCAM stands for Yamaguchi Center for Media and Arts and in studio B they have a great sound set up. The symposium in th afternoon went well, although it seemed like the japanese were talking about different things than Mika and me. There was a translator at hand who swiftly translated everything, which was really helpful. In the evening Evala started with a set that was very digital, sounding, with abrupt changes but with a great motoric drive to it. Then me, which went o.k. (at least thats what I think) and then Keicchrio Shibuya who sounded a bit like Evala but with minor yet vital differences. After the intermission Mika played with Keij Haino, because Ilpo hasn`t arrived yet (he was ill and arrives on monday) a true wall of sound. About 150 people showed up, which apparently was a good turnout. Sunday we moved to Kyoto where we are staying in a tradtional japanese hotel, which is somewhat cold. Tomorrow is a day off for me, but PanSonic are playing something improvised with dancers. On tuesday it`s Pan Sonic, Evala, Shibuya and me again.

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