Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Other Unpaid Job

I was out this afternoon cycling. The weather is great, sunny but a bit windy, so my muscles hurt quite a bit. When I got back home the mail had arrived and brought me a copy of 'Transmission Nederlands', a compilation CD by Infrastation. It features The Dutch Cold Wave from 1980 to 1986 with tracks by Bazooka, Catastrophe Bizarre, Coitus Int, Das Wesen, Desert Corbusier, Ensemble Pittoresque, Flue, Mecano, Mekanik Kommando, Nasmak, Neon, Nexda, Pee Dee, Storung, The Gentry, The Visitor, Ton Lebbink and Vice. And 'liner notes' by me. I was in contact with the label when I bought their re-issue of Das Wesen and they asked me to write about this cold wave, which I did on various train journeys in the cold winter of 2010. This is the third release that has my liner notes of this year, and certainly one more to come. Its an unpaid job I like, especially when I can ramble about the old days. Its an excellent comp, great selection, of course its to be debated why these bands and not others, or why these tracks (why 'Stil Thuis' by Ton Lebbink and not his 'Voetbalknieen'). Anyway I recommend you all buy a copy! The liner notes are also on the labels website.


Anonymous said...

hi frans
could you tell me on which other releases you wrote the liner notes? and which one wil come?

Kapotte Muziek said...

well, your cd 'oude koeien', maeror tri - mpd and if, bwana 3"CDRs for vuzh. and in the past that john cage cd on korm plastics, 2 releases by thu20... and no doubt more