Monday, June 21, 2010

A Curious Coincidence

I could bore you with some talk about how the concerts were in Rotterdam and Venlo (they were great actually, but also tiring, especially a long weekend in Venlo), but this is about something else. My father was born in Venlo and through a surviving brother of his, I found where he was born and which other street they lived. The first curious coincidence is that the B& B Roel and I were staying was on the same street as my father lived after moving from the street he was born. Sunday morning we spend driving to both addresses, and then went for a coffee at Roel's parents, who still are in nearby Velden. We talked a bit about my father and the fact he lived in Venlo and after a while, Roel's father asked me wether I knew 'a Jopie de Waard'. Obviously we referred to him as Joop de Waard, but I am aware in his childhood he was called Jopie. So I said he was my father and it turns out Roel's father and my father went to the same school in their childhood days. What wonders me, later on, is the fact that my father knew Roel Meelkop, but never mentioned he was in a class with Mat Meelkop - I am sure his memory didn't store that after all these years. Now we can no longer ask him.

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