Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moon About

No doubt I get into big trouble for posting this. June 11 at Extrapool Phil Milstein talks about Songpoems. This where people write a lyric and a band plays ad lib music to that. You could get in for free that night by handing a lyric. I was there with Elise, who didn't write anything when entering but then had an idea for a lyric. I wrote it down together with her name and lo and behold it was performed later that evening, of course with her name being part of the lyric. So I repost that song, about a cat, here
The complete concert by Moon About can be heard here


Kosten Koper said...

Very catchy, played this song this week on my radio show, a bit faster paced with accidental pitch shift.

Kapotte Muziek said...

can you send me an upload for that song?