Monday, June 21, 2010

Corona Rewind

Corona Rewind is the name of my latest release. I have been back in contact with Mark Schomburg, to some better known as Abo, and also the person who released the second Kapotte Muziek 'Utilities' in 1991. Off and on he returns and now he's back releasing tapes on his labels Incubator and Petri Supply. One of his old, ongoing projects is Composcila, in which he send some recording of 'electrical plasma' to the oldest person to remix, which I believe was David Lee Myers. Then it went onto Jeph Jerman, AMK, Achim Wollscheid, me - or maybe in a different order, it has to do birthdays. I remember doing a remix of it by playing a four track tape on end, so the whole remix I did lasts over an hour. I no longer have a copy. But the four track tape I still have, so on queensday I went into my studio and did an impromptu mix of that, resulting in a pretty dense and noisy piece (actually three). Mark did a really nice cover and its available in an edition of 100 copies. No website, but write to Mark: I have no copies (yet) for sale.

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