Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Around The Corner

Today I receive some copies of the latest issue of Gonzo Circus, with the 'luistertest' they did with me. A kind a like the invisible jukebox of The Wire, where people have to guess what is what and expand on that. The free CD comes with an exclusive eleven piece piece by Pick-up. The writer of the article Alex van der Hulst just send me the picture above, taken from Google view just around the corner where I live. Fucking hell! That's me and Elise. Big brother all around.


JosSmolders said...

Just shut up about it. I wouldn't have recognized you. Now the whole world knows.... jeezz...

Anonymous said...

Hi Frans
It's Toshiya.
How are you doin'?
> That's me and Elise.
Hey it's great!!
By the way,I will go to Rotteldam the end of March. Organize by Martijn of MIXER.

433 RPM said...
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