Friday, November 27, 2009


On December 12th at Plan K in Brussels there is a Factory night with A Certain Ratio, Section 25 and whole bunch more. See here The night before Kosten Koper organises a small event about Martin Hannett, my favourite producer. Since I released 'Martin - Seven [New] Aspects' in 2004 on Tib Prod he asked me to come and do something. Its unclear as yet wether I have to play the CD or do something new (which I hope for), but later that evening Zebra will perform their own take on the work of Hannett. Roel and me prepared a thing already a few weeks ago, which I think is pretty great. It'll be the first Zebra concert in two years. Since the 3"CDR on Tib Prod is sold out, I decided to re-issue it on My Own Little Label, ready today, just in time to give one to Jan-M Iversen of Tib Prod, who will play at Extrapool tonight. More information on the Brussels' class here

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