Monday, October 26, 2009

You Can't Put A Price (Prize?) On Beauty

New releases then, for every wallet on. First, the normal prized item of today is the great first 7" by The Tobacconists. One track Scott and me recorded while the first was still in Nijmegen, using samples of that great DRS. P, a personal favorite of mine. Meeuw did a great cover, re-doing our favorite smokes from Russia (see above). Press voice for this:

The Tobacconists are no other than Frans de Waard (some of you may have heard of him) and Scott Foust (some of you may have heard of him as well), both of them notorious smokers and versatile musicians. The first quality is aptly expressed in the design based on Russia's cheapest pack of smokes, Belamor Kanal: very nice indeed. The last quality is expressed aptly as well on this 7". The side called 'The dark secrets of doctor Perati' is a kind of drony piece with long stretched synth sounds, but layered in that are all kinds of acoustic elements, varying from squeaking doors (?) to rhythmic pulses and with a great ending! The other side, 'Prometheus', sounds more open and dynamic, almost like a radioplay. The combination of both sides works well and offers a good impression of what
these two smokers can achieve. Certainly just as good as their 3"! (MG)

Available from

A bit more expensive and a bit more limited is the LP by Wander on Beam End of which this is the official press release:

Beam Ends records is proud to announce the release of the latest release by Wander (Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar of Beequeen). Like all previous albums, and, indeed, all tracks by Wander this is entitled WANDER.
We have done our best to make this new Wander album a special one. WANDER consists of the following: a clear vinyl (so NOT a Peter King/Lathe cut) hand-pressed album, which plays from the label to the rim (instead of the other way around), presented in back paper insert with Wander "band" shirt in a hand-made blue boxset (made by the same company that produced the boxes for Raymond Dijkstra and the recent Flawed Existence box by Nurse With Wound). Of this set only 10 (ten) copies were produced, signed and numbered by the makers.
The album features two tracks of beautiful drone ambience.
The price of this set is 100 Euros, excluding shipping to your location. Even though we realize this is a lot of money, we do feel this is worth the package. With 2 copies in our archives, this leaves 8 copies for sale. This is surely the most luxurious and most limited release by Beam Ends records so far.
You can order your copy via

3 copies are sold already.

But if you have no money, then point your browser here
and get a free download from the Freiband concert from last thursday.

A Peter Zincken has just released a 3CDR set which is no doubt the best anthology of current Dutch noise, called Nedernoise. Kapotte Muziek has a track on there too...

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