Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Radio Activity

My upstair neighbour is on holiday, so I am allowed to read his evening newspaper and his radio/tv guide (now there is a true nothing going on type of blogging), and what i do see, this saturday on VPRO radio 6? Cafe Sonore (which I remember as a real Cafe thing, where we played with Goem, Kapotte Muziek and Freiband) presents an hour of material recorded at Worm, recorded April of this year. The guide says: "The Tobacconists are Scott Foust (from a.o. The Idea Fire Company) and Frans de Waard (from a.o. Kapotte Muziek). After 20 years these two icons of the alternative electro scene play together again". H-ho-ho. You can tune in later if you want, it will be online after the 11th. I thought I had some nice pictures from this concert which Radboud made, but alas no more...

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