Thursday, February 14, 2008

At Last: News!

Ok, I know I have been quiet here and wanting to write an update, but you know how these things go. Three weeks ago I was in Berlin for the opening of a new club O Tannebaum, run by the Ole Records people. I played the 'ouverture o tannebaum', which i may release on My Own Little Label. It's the picture shown here. Then I have been recording with Martin Luiten, formerly of Girlfriends and now of Uw Hypotheekadvies. We have a lot of material which we will start mixing soon. Quite spacious guitar music. Martin also provided some hawaiin guitar which me and Rutger Zuydervelt used for our collaboration as Freiband/Machinefabriek and which will be released by Low Point somewhere in the next 6 months or so. Tomorrow I will be playing in Eindhoven at the opening of the Onomatopee space. See site for details.
Then today I received some copies of 'Enhance Room Acoustics' which was a cassette on B/b in the mid nineties, but now it has been re-issued on CDR by the same people, new name: Lunhare. It looks great. As Freiband I created a remix of the material, which is now the bridge between both pieces, and hopefully a good antidote between the two.
Coming soon is a Freiband CD on Mononchrome Vision, who are also playing some concerts for me and Roel in Russia early May. Herbal Records will re-issue Beequeen's 'Time Waits For No One' soon, and 'Sandancing' should be out any minute on Important Records, as well as a 10" of demo's of that CD on the same label. Busy times indeed.

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