Thursday, December 20, 2007

x-mess almost here

Almost 3 years ago, Roel Meelkop, Giuseppe Ielasi, Howard Stelzer and me came together on a cold January sunday morning in my studio at Extrapool. The day afters Giuseppe and Howard did their Brombron presentation. We set up our gear and did a spontanous recording, right there. Roel played his roland sh 101, Giuseppe guitar and electronics, Howie played cassettes and me the Korg MS20. Everything was recorded on a multitrack and in the months after that I spend mixing the whole thing, which sounds quite far away from the original session. It's now released as 'Zondag' by Japanese Port label on a compact disc, and it looks and sounds great. It's perhaps the first time I mixed such a thing that had a minor involvement for me, and something will be released soon. The start of a promising producer career. Hohum. Get a copy today without delay. From me, or from Port
Christmas is there and I can lock myself away with the 500+ book on Dick Raaymakers, which I received yesterday. Without reading muchI already spent a whole day looking a pictures, diagrams and such like. Nice book so far.

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