Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm very happy to inform you that the fourth official Freiband CD 'Replicas' is now released and available by Monochrome Vision. It's a CD that I wanted to make ever since the start of the Freiband project, and it involves the 'Daseinsverfehlung' CD by Asmus Tietchens, where all the pieces are called 'freiband'. I used every piece on that CD to create a new piece with exactly the same length. Roel Meelkop and me will probably in Russia to promote this and other delightful music at the end of may.
I'll be playing in Maastricht on March 14th at the presentation of a 2LP by Audioscoop, an irregular musical event. It's going to be, if all goes well, some spoken liner notes with sound samples.
Arturas Bumsteinas of the Quartet Twentytwentyone will perform (with the quartet) in Riga, Skanumezs festival on the 7th of May. They will perform a graphic score from 1990 '7 Constructions'. I am delighted. I don't think they fly me over to be present.
Thanks everyone for the warm response to the previous post. Hot as a campfire.

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