Sunday, September 13, 2009


Its tedious, I know, but I keep forgetten to post something here. Things have been busy with three new CDs: two in the Brombron series, by Andrea Belfi/Machinefabriek and Francisco Lopez/Richard Francis and 3"CD (not a CDR) by Freiband/Bass Communion. I am, as we speak (?) still folding the covers for the Brombron CDs, a small nightmare work. Also Beequeen's 'Ownliness' has been pressed by Infraction, with a better cover, no bonus tracks. All can be yours at Korm Plastics, the number one for shopping excellent music.
I completed, today in fact, a small tribute for a Phill Niblock for an Austrian compilation and still working on a split LP with Howard Stelzer and that gamelan LP.
A forthcoming concert is on October 22nd at OCCII in Amsterdam. I'll be taking KK Null/Z'EV there who will have completed a Brombron CD then. I hope. I have no ideas yet, but perhaps its going to be a Freiband concert.
On October 1st I will start an archival blog for Kapotte Muziek, which exists then for 25 years and post on relevant dates music and images. Perhaps I am better at that when there is some pressure?

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