Saturday, August 8, 2009


I know, I know. Late, late. But I always seem to forget to type a few lines here and there. Anyway, two great new Wander releases. We broke with our rule of one release per format, as Divine Frequency just released the 2nd full length release by Wander. Freek and I recorded this work last year, more or less in one go, using lots of tracks filled with warm analogue sounds. In the months after that I mixed it at home and John Deek of Divine Frequency, who asked us to do a CD for his label already some years ago, wanted to release this. Jake Blanchard made some nice drawing of the cover and Jos Smolders' mastering brought out tones I didn't hear before.

In that process of mastering Jos sent me some audio file which me, a total nitwit when it comes to all things computer wise, couldn't get rightly burned, but somehow this odd piece comes up in Itunes and a total noise mayhem of the CD is played. Of course I recorded all of this and Freek and I did wander into noise land for a nice 3"CDR for RONF Records, in an edition of 50. The cover shows a naked lady, like before, but wrongly downloaded too. Probably an one-off execursion in the field of noise for us.
Right now Freek and I are recording two new Wander pieces, to be released on Beam End as LP (8 minutes per side), spinning from within outwards, and to be released in an edition of 10. Possibly with the official Wander T-shirt. Most likely to be 100 euros a piece. And then we should get cracking at the next Beequeen CD for which some ideas have been recorded already.
I should be working on a LP for Ini.itu with gamelan music as the starting point and looking at the archive recordings I think I may want to do a Freiband noise work of some kind.
ZXZW from Tilburg are now called Incubate and this change also saw the change of their programm. The 25th anniversary of Kapotte Muziek is not happening there. They rather disconnected themselves from underground/counter culture in favor of being just another 'alternative' rock festival. So fuck them. I hate anything alternative and rock. We now will do the festival in whatever form at Extrapool and perhaps a few other places.
Soon, I'll be releasing a Brombron CD by Francisco Lopez/Richard Francis, and one by Machinefabriek/Andrea Belfi, a 3" CD (not CDR) by Freiband/Bass Communion and a great 7" by The Tobacconists.
I put a new floor in my house and a high bed for Elise. And its my birthday today. August 8, which is 2x4, which means I'm now 44. Oh dear. Time for a drink.


ini.itu said...

joyeux anniversaire ! selamat ulang tahun !

Dritone said...

Great, so we waiting for new releases :)