Monday, March 9, 2009

Smoking Kills

Above is the first flyer I seen about the forthcoming tour with Scott Foust. He's over in April, and we have some gigs together as The Tobacconists. When he's here, we'll writing some songs to play live during a four day marathon song writing session and then the first gig will in Tilburg, of which is the flyer above. Other dates look like this:

28 March Extrapool, Nijmegen (film)
3 013, Tilburg (Tobacconists)
4 de player film
5 Worm, Rotterdam (Tobacconists)
13 Bremen (Tobacconists) ?
14 Leverkussen (Tobacconists) ?
15 Cologne? (Tobacconists)
16 Cologne?(Tobacconists)
17 antwerp
18 Extrapool, Nijmegen (Tobacconists)
24 CinémaBozar (Bxl)
25 London Divus Gallery (Tobacconists)
26 London Divus Gallery (HTL! & TFA)

plus perhaps dates in Den Haag, Vlissingen, Groningen and perhaps others

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