Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More tour info

As far as I can see this will be the tour with Scott, not all places are known yet, but who knows: maybe you know if you live in one of these cities.

28 Extrapool, Nijmegen (Here's To Love)
03 013, Tilburg (The Tobacconists concert and more)
04 De Player, Rotterdam (Here's To Love)
05 Worm, Rotterdam (The Tobacconists concert and more)
07 bremen
08 Rote Flora, Hamburg
09 Tilburg (The Four Accomplishments performance, Here's To Love)
10 Vrijhaven, Den Haag (Here's To Love, The Tobacconists concert)
14 Leverkussen (The Tobacconists concert) ?
15 Ludwig Museum, Cologne (Here's To Love, Frans as DJ, Asmus Tietchens concert)
17 Antwerpen (The Four Accomplishments performance, Here's To Love)
18 Extrapool, Nijmegen (The Tobacconists concert)
24 CinémaBozar, Brussels (The Tobacconists)
25 London Divus Gallery (The Tobacconists)
26 London Divus Gallery (HTL! & TFA)

The Four Accomplishments is a solo performance by Scott, Here's To Love is a screening of Scott's feature film and The Tobacconists is, well, Scott and me playing new music.

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