Saturday, February 14, 2009

The OId, The New & The Digital

I released three new small, lovely (obviously) 3"CDRs on My Own Little Label. The first is a re-issue of 'Atem', the longest piece Beequeen ever submitted to a compilation,'Guru Means Slayer Of Darkness', back in 1996 on Manifold. Its been out of print for quite some time, but both me and Freek think this is a great old, and lost Beequeen piece, so we decided to re-issue it. It was made back when I lived in Den Haag, and uses multiple layers of a ventilator and a heating system. A fine lively drone piece.

The second release is also a re-issue of 2003 Freiband piece. It was back then released by Poland's Mik Musik, and part of a series of five (if I am not mistaken) remixes of source material I totally forgot about. Its a seventeen minute piece of laptop music processing.

My concert from last week in Heerlen. In 2008 I composed three pieces for compilations which all deal with the sound of hiss from old cassettes, and some 'field recordings' from faulty cassette mechanisms. Two of those pieces have been released already, on 'Lasting' and 'Tabl For Six', and the third will come later this year on a new UK label. All of the elements of those elements are reconfigured in 'Heerlen Hiss' and the recording is a mixture of a line recording I made myself and a live recording giving to me by Edward Ka-spel.

And if that isn't enough, I decided to put up some pieces as digital only releases.

This is also from last week's concert, where I played 'Spaarzaam' for a second time, so its a bit useless to release that on 3"CD. I don't like MP3s, so I put them up as a FLAC, but then I realized I may have some interesting pieces, so also the live recording from 'O Tannebaum' and 'Tonspur' are there.

All of this can be found here and here

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