Friday, February 6, 2009


In about exactly 28 minutes from now I'm going by train to Heerlen to play a concert. I prepared for the Freiband set the usual Tonspur 2 piece and to make a difference with the Frans de Waard set I decided to play 'Spaarzaam' once again as Freiband. As Frans de Waard I prepared a new piece, called for now 'Heerlen Hiss' and its based on three pieces I recorded last year, all dealing with hiss taped from old cassettes. One of those pieces is already released on the EE Tapes compilation, and then one will be on a CD compilation from the UK, somewhere this year. The third piece 'Nijmegen Hiss' is released this week on a cassette compilation called 'Lasting', the final cassette release by Swill Radio, featuring those fine young man and women as Foust, Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, Emeralds, BRRR, Dead Girl's Party, Tim Gross, Asmus Tietchens, Ian Middleton, Vikki Jackman, Weyes Bluhd, Matt Krefting, The Collection Of The Late Howell Bend, Andrew Chalk and Idea Fire Company. A fine piece of work, and Scott thinks that cassettes will soon be no longer manufactured.
Oh and speaking of Scott Foust, he's going to be in Europe in April to screen 'Here's To Love' and we'll be playing together as The Tobacconists. I am very excited about this (although A Certain Ratio are playing in Tilburg on the 3rd of April, which I shouldn't miss). If anyone out there has more ideas where we can play, please contact me!
Lunhare from Italy already re-issued 'E.A.R.' by Kapotte Muziek, which was succesfull enough for them to ask me for another re-issue. 'EGG' contains three old tapes: Electrocute (which was already re-issued on 'Five Tapes' 2CDR by Korm Plastics, but no doubt no longer available. Latest news is that Staalplaat lost all printwork for their CDR labels, can you believe it?), Gematria and Gilles De Rais, which makes up a nice collection of my early work with the sadly missed Christian Nijs, who sings on one track - the even more sad 'Death Is No Life To Come'. I have some copies to sell of course, but you can always contact the label.

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