Thursday, March 20, 2008

Take me for a ride

What a day, oh dear diary. First I received the printwork for The Hafler Trio's 'Dislocation' which looks great. Than Idea Fire Company's Island Of Taste LP arrives, which also looks and sound great. Then the phone rings:

(US female voice): "do you have the e-mail address"
(me): "yes, m'am" (always polite on the phone, never in real life)
(US female voice): "you won a free trip to florida and bahamas. you'll be staying in the radison, go on a cruise, go disney ('one day i'll take you to disney land, boyd'), universal studios, free food. Just buy your plane ticket and the rest is free'
(me, innocent): "really?"
(me, flabbergast): "gosh"
(US female voice): "isn't that great"
(small talk continues for 10 minutes on how exciting this all is)
(US female voice): "I'll put through to my co-worker to run some details"

(US male voice, much more down to earth): "yes, Frans, I'm taking you through your coordinates"
(me, sky high): "ok"
(US male voice): "you have buy an insurance today for only 998 us dollars, which is, well, hum, exactly 600 euros, but its for up to 4 persons"
(me, going down): "and just for myself?"
(US male voice): "that would still be 998"
(me, hitting ground): "well, i can't spend that money today"
(US male voice): "goodb" - phone disconnects

God Damn America - I love it. Hey, Scott, God bless Captain Black.

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