Wednesday, March 12, 2008


An Oahu is an acoustic lapsteel guitar, named after one of the Islands of Hawaii. My friend Martin Luiten has one and he provided a bit of playing the instrument to me and Rutger Zuydervelt, a.k.a Machinefabriek. We have been reworking the material into bits of thirty seconds which we bounced back and forth until we had enough rough material. It's hard to believe, but I completed my mix on Janaury 6th (Rutger some days before that), and today the finished CD land on my doorstep. Released by Low Point, with a nice Rutger cover. The original Martin track opens up, then it's me, then Rutger. I am amazed by this speed and it's actually a great CD too. I have some copies to sell!
With Martin I am working on some new music to, real time guitar playing and real time laptop. We are now mixing it and most likely we'll use the name Pick Up for our project.
This friday I'll be playing in Maastricht at the presentation of the 2LP compilation 'Audioscoop'. I am part of the official side of it, will speak a few words and do a sort of remix of the album - if i can get things finished before that. Kapotte Muziek is also on the LP.

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